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Musicians are unique in the world of audiology. On one hand, we are concerned with the protection of hearing and preventing of hearing loss for musicians. On the other hand, we want to maintain the fidelity of music played or listened to. Fidelity of music played must be kept intact in order for the musician to be successful.

There are two types of hearing protection for musicians (non-electronic and electronic).

The non-electronic filters are housed in custom-made earplugs. Musicians' earplugs are designed to reproduce the natural response of the open ear canal. Music heard through the musician earplugs have the same fidelity as the original music. The result is that speech and music remain clear.

There are multiple levels of filters available in the non-electronic music moulds that range from 9 dB attenuation to 27 dB attenuation. The number corresponds with the amount of sound attenuation provided. Contact us now for more details.

Take a look at the information in the musician earplug brochure below.

Musicians Earplugs – Brochure by Etymotic Research Inc.

Non-Electronic Hearing Protection

Etymotic Research, HearSmart, Starkey

High Fidelity Hearing Protection is available for the use of musicians on stage, as well as those audience members listening to music. These non-electronic earplugs replicate the external ear canals natural resonance. Timbre and subtle nuances are maintained. Filter attenuation ranges from 9 dB to 27 dB (See below selection).

Electronic Hearing Protection

Please note: If you have a set of non-custom headphones or earbuds and would like custom-made moulds for them, please bring in your headphones when you come to the clinic. Please also note, we do not sell the headphones or earbuds directly. This page is for your information and a brief repository of information for you


Sound solutions that fit.

 AFM-2XB Audiofuse designed to provide professional performance with affordability. Custom silicone (soft) or acrylic (hard).

 AFM-3 Pro Audiofuse provides rich and punchy bass and highlights mid to high-frequency ranges. Custom silicone (soft) or acrylic (hard).


Named after 1964 - a momentous year in Rock!

 64 Audio manufactures both universal and custom fit in-ear monitors for both professional performers and audiophiles.
 Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, 64 Audio strives to keep the momentum of 1964 going forward.


Still a leader in innovation of the products available.

  • Etymotic Research began the “hearing protection” movement for musicians.

  • Custom musician earplug filters include ER9, ER15 and ER25.

  • Non-custom products include the Music Pro series (9 or 15) and the ER 20.

  • Etymotic Research also has amazing in-ear monitors – not custom made for your ears – that’s where Sound Hearing Clinic Inc will make the moulds for your etymotic monitors! These include:

  • The ER4 series (ER4 SR and ER4 XR) have set the standard for performing artists since 1991. The SR and XR refer to studio reference and extended reference (low-end enhancement). An ER4 micro pro is also available.

  • The hf5 remains popular for use with a standard 3.5 mm jack.

  • The mc5 is an inexpensive noise isolating earplug.

  • The MK isolator is a lower profile noise isolator.


Maestros of proprietary pro-sound technology.

  • Jerry Harvey (JH) Audio manufactures both universal and custom in-ear monitors - for both performing artists and audiophiles.

  • Custom in-ear monitors can be made with your custom artwork or using their amazing colours.


Good technology at a good price.

 Shure is well known in the industry. The products Shure offers are not custom-made but your audiologist at Sound Hearing Clinic Inc will be more than happy to provide you with custom-made moulds to attach to your Shure in-ear-monitor system.

 We often see musicians who have purchased Shure earphones that are non-custom in-ear monitors but find the generic foam or the vinyl bulb attachments uncomfortable. Custom moulds can be easily and quickly made for use with the Shure products.
 The latest series of Shure products consists of the SE series.
 The SE series of non-custom Shure products is the same as the SCL series but designed to be sold to the consumer directly online. This series consists of the SE110, 210, SE310, SE420, and SE530. The micro speaker systems are the SE115, SE315, SE425, and SE535.
 Shure products can be purchased from Tom Lee Music or Long & McQuade music stores in Vancouver.
 Shure also has a series of professional headphones available – primarily for DJ use. These include SRH840 Pro Monitoring headphones, SRH750 DJ, SRH440 Studio, and SRH 240 Professional Quality headphones.


Built itself from the ground up catering to the needs of musicians.

 The production of in-ear monitors (IEMs) is what Sensaphonics does and does well.
 Products consist of the 3D 4 3AARO (Active Ambient Record Out) earphones (adds ambient noise to the mix and is supplied with a body-worn mixer, single or dual driver). These are meant for personal listening systems and can be custom.
 The DJ Mix pack is a combination of musician earplugs and musician earplugs modified with a coaxial connector to plug into an in-ear monitor system.
 The 3D CROS AARO is meant for artists or engineers with unilateral hearing loss.


Helping you hear better.

 Starkey is a hearing device manufacturer that has been around for years. They are a great company that really understands and knows how to make comfortable fitting moulds.
 Starkey has delved into the custom in-ear monitor market with its Tunz custom monitors. These can be single or dual drivers and are ideal for use with MP3 personal listening systems.
 Starkey has recently partnered with Bragi to customize the Bragi Dash Pro hearable.


A long-time leader of custom earmolds and hearing protection with a very long list of available products.

 Universal products (not custom fit to your ears) include: the W series (for music enthusiasts, they are sleek and versatile), the UM Pro series (sound isolation for stage and studio monitoring), Adventure series (for active users and are ruggedized), AM-Pro series (for performing artists), UM series (for personal listening at superior value).
 Custom-made products include the ES series (affordable!), the AC series, the CR series (includes noise isolation for intense activity and motorsports), the S series (for active lifestyles), and the EAS series (these allow for ambient noise to be mixed with feedback listening).
 The UM56 (custom-made earmolds) attach to generic earbuds (e.g., Shure earbuds)


Built itself on providing custom hearing protection for musicians.

 Like Sensaphonics, the manufacture of in-ear monitors is what they do and all that they do! Their products consist of:
UE900s - universal
UE5 Pro - custom made
UE7 Pro - for singers, guitarists, keyboardists
UE11 - for bass players, drummers, DJ's
UE18 Pro – the flagship of the series

 Products for studio use, which includes session musicians and recording enthusiasts:
UE4 Pro - E 700 – two-speaker system
UE Pro remastered
 Products for sound lovers include UE Pro remastered and the UE18 Pro.


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