A quick review of 2017



2017 has been another exceptional good year for us here at Sound Hearing Clinic.  Chris, Cheri-Leigh, Rachel, Sharon and myself continue to improve our processes so that we deliver the very best of products and services to you. 



One of the biggest changes is the introduction of a paradigm shift in the way we as Audiologists view noise reduction and directionality.  Traditionally, we have employed restricted directionality microphone modalities in hearing aids to help reduce the adverse effects of reverberant background noise.  From this point forward we are looking at no longer needing the use of restricted directionality (which also can reduce intelligibility of speech).  This is a very exciting paradigm shift! 


Another exciting shift has been the introduction of rechargeable battery solutions.  To date, rechargeable batteries have had limited life and have not been able to provide users with a sufficient charge to last through a full day.  That has now changed and the new Z power rechargeable option allows for much longer rechargeable battery life. 


What to look for in 2018? 

First, the clinic is looking to keep in touch with clients via social media. If you have an e-mail, by all means, please provide it to us and we’ll be sure you are kept in touch with events, technological updates, and what is happening here in clinic.  Be assured your personal information such as e-mail and address, are kept strictly confidential and shared with no outside sources.


Secondly, the 2018 technology expo is again being held in Las Vegas and we will be in attendance.  This is one of the ways we commit to keeping on top of technological advances in the industry.  Look for updates early in the new year to review what we’ve learned!

 Finally, please remember that questions and comments are always appreciated.  If you do have a question or comment, please click on the comment button below and send us a message. 

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Sound Hearing Clinic offers a full spectrum of audiological services for everyone. Each of our professionals is committed to the pursuit of unsurpassed patient satisfaction, effective analysis and diagnosis of your hearing loss, and customized solutions that effectively integrate speech and comprehension back into your life.

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Today's technology means that you have a wide range of options available to help with hearing loss. Hearing aid users report higher levels of involvement in social activities, fewer worries and more positive social and family experiences than those who have uncorrected hearing loss.

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