Hearing at Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching! With it comes dinner party season, and along with that, noise. Noise can be characterized as background noise (dinner party type noise), harmful noise (such as caused by machinery), and/or just plain annoying everyday noise such as that produced by air-conditioning units or heating fans … heard most every day.

Why do I bring this up in regards to Christmas?

1) I do think it is important that when you are going out to events such as dinner parties, especially if you have hearing loss, to remember to employ effective listening strategies (ask for repetition if not hearing well, paraphrase what you think you heard, have conversations away from noise, and look at the person you are talking with, amongst others), and;

2) noise causes stress and stress does very strange things to our bodies, and;

3) remember the possible damaging effects of noisy toys (e.g. kid toys that play loud music, party horns). If at all possible, give gifts that are not noisy!

Keep these tips and pointers in mind and you will surely have a holly, jolly Christmas!

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