Travelling with hearing loss


With Summer fast approaching, many of us will be planning some time out of the city – either as a quick weekend getaway, or something longer.  If you are one of those people that travel and if you have hearing loss here are some things you should be aware of;

1.  If you are a hearing device user, often devices go missing on airplanes.  Before you exit the aircraft at your destination be sure you have checked that you still have your hearing aids.  If your hearing aids are still under loss and damage warranty there will be less financial impact, but if they are no longer under loss and damage warranty, be sure to have them added to your home contents insurance before leaving on your trip.

2.  Be prepared before you leave.  By this I mean educated yourself on your destination.  Perhaps download maps to your smartphone or iPad and familiarize yourself with them.  Let your fellow travellers and any tour guides know about your hearing loss and advise them on how best to communicate with you. 

3.  Carry a notebook and pen in case you find hearing too much of a challenge and require information to be written down. 

4.  Take extra batteries and if you are travelling to an exotic tropical climate, don’t forget to pack your Dri-Aid kit!  If you have a spare or older set of hearing aids take them with you as a back up.

5.  If you have recruitment, which is sensitivity to loud sound (hearing device user or not), take hearing protection with you.  You might be surprised how loud traffic can be around the world, or when you might find yourself at a musical event!

I hope this helps you hear better and consistently during your travels.  Travel safe.

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