What's new in hearing aid technology?

Hearing device technology continually evolves.  It builds upon what we know works and provides benefit to end users and, it is really very amazing.


What’s new in technology?  Several broad categories of change I think are worthy of mention:


  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving to the forefront in technology, including with hearing technologies. AI works to engage different systems in the hearing aid circuitry in different environmental conditions to optimize hearing. One chief reason for the use of AI in hearing devices is to reduce auditory effort and therefore increase cognitive load capacity. We see this clinically via increased noise reduction capability which results in improved signal to noise ratio.There is also much focus on keeping our auditory brains active, and stimulated.This by way of maintaining effective cognitive function.
  2. Battery consumption and use of rechargeable options are changing. We now have choice in use of batteries – conventional zinc air batteries, Z Power rechargeable options, and now lithium ion rechargeable capability.
  3. While tinnitus suppression techniques (sound enrichment and conditioning) has been available for some time now, these suppression techniques have become quite seamless recently and therefore more effective.
  4. Working behind the scene but together with the manufacturers of hearing aids, is the advancement of Bluetooth technology. Hearing aids are able to connect directly with many mobile phones now and this is due to advancements in Bluetooth mobile platforms. 
  5. Manufacturer apps, which provide direct access to and control of hearing devices, continue to evolve as well.
  6. Nano coating, for resistance to moisture has gotten to the point where most (if not all) hearing devices have an IP rating of 68.This means that, while not water proof, hearing aids are moisture resistant.

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Today's technology means that you have a wide range of options available to help with hearing loss. Hearing aid users report higher levels of involvement in social activities, fewer worries and more positive social and family experiences than those who have uncorrected hearing loss.

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