Thoughts following Expo 2018

Three days in Vegas! Your first thoughts might be that I was living the good life? Having way too much fun and staying out late? Gambling and winning big?


Well, there was none of that for me. The Starkey Expo 2018 was three days of hard work which inundated attendees with a smorgasbord of educational choices.

We attended sessions on the emerging technology utilizing “ecological momentary assessment” which means that in future hearing devices will look deep into our acoustic environments, auditory demands, and the importance of those demands to provide with optimized settings.  Cognition and executive function has been a hot topic of late in regards to hearing devices as well.  How might we as Audiologists affect less auditory effort and therefore increase cognitive load capacity through the use of bio sensors loaded into hearing devices?  What affect with gamification of aural rehabilitation have on auditory processing skills?


Discussion of the different rechargeable battery solutions continues.  Silver-zinc rechargables versus lithium-ion – pros and cons. 

And of course, no expo would be complete without presentations on marketing, the need for networking with allied health professionals, and conscious improvement in practice excellence - which spoke directly to improvement in the process of what we do to make our client experience remarkable.


Remarkable is what we strive to be.   


The Starkey Expo 2018 has helped us and we’d like to help you.  If you have any questions about your hearing, new technology or what we do here at the clinic, we would love to hear from you! Please use the buttons below to reach out.


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