Cardiovascular Health and Hearing

Cardiovascular Health & Hearing

Exercise and Hearing

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you have likely read about the importance of healthy eating for our hearing health. How about exercise though?

With the abundance of fitness classes and the beautiful outdoors we have here in Vancouver, it is easy for most of us to get in some weekly exercise. A healthy heart can also play an important role in your hearing.

The direct adverse effects of cardiovascular disease on hearing has been well documented over the years. We know that cardiovascular disease, along with other causes of hearing loss, appears to exaggerate the potential negative impact of those causes. Research has shown that cardiovascular health, and in particular poor cardiovascular health, has a negative impact on both peripheral hearing, as well as on the central auditory system.

There is good news though; research has shown that exercise appears to protect against hearing loss. A recent article I read in the Hearing Journal indicated that among study participants who exercised at least once per week, they were 32% less likely to develop hearing loss.

If you have any questions regarding your hearing health, consult your audiologist.