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Premier Hearing Centre in Vancouver

Sound Hearing Clinic Inc is the premier hearing centre in Vancouver. Our clinic is dedicated to improving the lives of people with hearing loss and their loved ones. We also understand how important your sense of hearing to your life as well as your health and happiness. Get in touch with us for more details.

Sound Hearing Clinic Inc is committed to providing an outstanding experience for you. Our goal is to provide superior, individualized, and collaborative hearing health care.

Your Preferred Hearing Clinic

Located on Burrard Street in Vancouver (across from St. Paul's Hospital), we visit numerous outreach locations on the north coast of British Columbia. Our team strives to continuously raise and then meet the expectations of our clients, our partners, and our community. We pride ourselves on our well-deserved reputation as one of the pre-eminent hearing care providers in Canada. The team/staff is accessible and here to help. Customers choose our clinic for a variety of reasons like:

  • Our experience

  • The service we provide

  • The value you receive

  • The best technology for you

  • Collaborative care

Learn More About Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


It is our vision to provide the best in client, audiology and hearing instrument services of any audiology clinic in Canada. Our number one priority is to provide an unrivalled personalized experience, tailored to each client’s lifestyle and hearing health needs. We promise comprehensive, individualized attention and care.

We value and promote continued professional education and development. We believe in providing client-centred collaborative care through a seamless journey of understanding of each client’s needs. We recognize each client is unique.

It is our mission to maintain or to improve the quality of life for each client through providing optimal hearing healthcare.

We will do everything in our power to help you hear better. We believe better hearing is better living.

 To maximize the communication abilities of each client served by the clinic
 To provide all our services with empathy and compassion
 To provide hearing instrument technology personalized for each client
 To provide continuous support to each client, family member, community members, as well as involved physicians and paraprofessionals in maximizing the communication abilities of each client
 To provide an enjoyable, fun and stable work environment for each team member

Audiological Services for Everyone
Sound Hearing Clinic Inc offers a wide range of audiological services for everyone. At our clinic, we provide personalized hearing healthcare. Our services include:

 Hearing assessments
 Tinnitus evaluations
 Hearing instruments

 Repair of hearing instruments
 Assistive listening devices
 Aural rehabilitation

 Outreach services
 And more

Sound Hearing Clinic Inc’s mission is to improve your quality of life by optimizing communication ability. Contact us now for more information about our services or to book an appointment.

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Early diagnosis and treatment is the most effective treatment.

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Professional Audiologist

“I first visited Mark in the summer of 1996. I had noticed a gradual loss in hearing and it was a concern to me. Mark put me at ease and patiently explained the process in testing and fitting someone with a hearing device. The change in my hearing was amazing! I can now hear comfortably the high frequencies of classical music, the chirping of birds, the soft female voices, the wind chimes, all sounds that were outside of my world. In business and family meetings, I now hear every word and no longer feel isolated.

Mark continues to provide the same high level of professional care as the day we first met. He focuses on my hearing needs in each visit. Every aspect of the hearing aid functionality is explored. Mark listens intently to my feedback and tries to ensure the hearing aids are in peak performance. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that has concerns about their hearing loss or wishes to find a professional audiologist who will give them excellent service.”
- Robert E.


Top-Grade Hearing Aids

“When deafness really became an issue, I still put off the inevitable! I finally made the first visit and have no regrets. Incredibly professional staff explained the process and led me through tests, the fitting and the wearing of the inconspicuous hearing devices. The advantages go beyond just hearing the birds and the bees again! I can modify the device for delivering lectures and answering questions, to fine-tuning for orchestral concerts. My remote microphone allows my translator to speak directly and quietly into my earpiece when I am attending international meetings - a nice “secret” addition. Full marks to the staff at Sound Hearing Clinic Inc.”
- Grant S.


User-Friendly Hearing Aids

“I have been going to Sound Hearing Clinic Inc for 6 or 7 years for hearing tests; all of which pointed to the inevitability of hearing aids. Since I was under 60, I put it off for as long as I could and thankfully there was never any heavy pressure put on me by anyone in the office to go ahead with the hearing aids until I was ready. I was so impressed at how well everything was explained to me and how much more simple everything was than what I expected. I knew hearing aids had evolved but I was not expecting the high level of functionality and the incredible ease and comfort with which they fit and especially the degree to which they are virtually imperceptible to anyone on the outside. I could not be happier with my result. The follow-up care has been excellent and thorough, despite me not having any problems. Their professionalism and the quality of their care and their product leads me to believe that I am not just one of the lucky ones. I am pretty sure anybody would have the best experience possible at Sound Hearing Clinic Inc.”
- Allan Q.


Skilled Audiological Services

“As a retired otologist, a former employer of audiologists, and a hearing loss researcher, I am well qualified to evaluate audiological facilities. I am pleased to provide unqualified approval of the care I have personally received at the Sound Hearing Clinic Inc and to recommend this facility to patients seeking skilled, ethical and dedicated audiological services.”
Charles P.


Sound Hearing Clinic Inc

#207-1160 Burrard St

Vancouver, BC 

V6Z 2E8

Phone: 604-687-1488



Monday - Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Serving Vancouver and surrounding areas


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