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Our Treatment Plan Process

It is rare that clients visit their Audiologist only once. Apart from a hearing evaluation required for pre-employment purposes, or perhaps for insurance purposes, most visits to your Audiologist will be multiple. Whether it is for investigation of middle ear dysfunction or for hearing instrument fitting and follow-up, visits to your Audiologist will be on-going.

Typically, the timeline for fitting of hearing instrument(s) goes as follows;

1. Hearing Assessment

Your first visit will begin by you (with the help of our staff) completing a hearing needs assessment. The Audiologist will then review this with you and complete a case history questionnaire as well. A hearing evaluation follows which includes pure tone air, bone and speech audiometry. Speech in noise testing is done in most cases as well. Assessment of middle ear function including acoustic reflexes is done for new evaluations and tympanometry for recheck evaluations. Otoacoustic emission testing will be performed as will obtaining of frequency specific threshold of discomfort information.

If you currently wear hearing instruments, an evaluation of their performance, both elecoacoustically and using real ear probe microphone measures, will be performed.

Impressions may be taken of your ear(s) if you choose to proceed with hearing instruments.

If you do proceed with the purchase of hearing instruments, manufacture of the devices typically takes about 10 days to 2 weeks.

2. Goal Setting

This information may be collected during your interview at the time of your hearing assessment. It is extremely important to re-visit the goals set for yourself post-fitting.

3. Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing aids are the treatment for your hearing loss (remember they do not correct sensory hearing loss but will certainly help you to hear better). Aural rehabilitation is also required to help you re-train your auditory system to link meaning to the sounds that you are now able to hear. Over the course of time, hearing loss results in decreased auditory processing ability. It also takes time for you to “readjust” to new sound.

4. Fitting

A fitting appointment will be booked once your hearing instruments have been received in clinic and checked by the Audiologist. This usually occurs 1 – 2 weeks after you have given your approval of the quote of cost provided to you.

The fitting appointment will consist of an introduction to the function, care and maintenance of your hearing instrument(s). Programming of the hearing instrument(s) occurs. Verification (real ear probe microphone measures designed to ensure appropriate power is delivered by the hearing instruments based on your hearing loss) will be performed, followed by counselling on what to expect and how to adapt to the use of your hearing instrument(s). Fitting appointments last 1 – 1.5 hours.

5. Follow-Up

After your fitting, a first follow-up appointment will be scheduled. This is typically done before you leave the clinic and will be scheduled approximately 1 week – 10 days after your fitting. Follow-up appointments consist of your Audiologist ensuring the hearing instruments continue to function as expected electroacoustically and to you subjective expectations.

A second follow-up appointment will occur approximately 1 week to 10 days following the first. This will be scheduled prior to you leaving the clinic.

A third follow-up visit will be scheduled for approximately 1 month following the last follow-up visit. This will be scheduled prior to you leaving the clinic. Outcome measures will be performed or reviewed by your Audiolgist at this point. These may be subjective or objective or a combination of both.

Your next follow-up visit will occur at approximately 3 months following your most recent follow-up visit. The clinic will contact you for booking of these visits.

Then, follow-up visits will occur every six months. The clinic will contact you for booking of these visits.

6. Keeping in Touch

Your Audiologist wants to see you for follow-up visits every 6 months.

You will be contacted for a check of your hearing instrument(s) prior to warranty expiration (usually 2 years after fitting).

Anytime you have a question or concern please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available by telephone or e-mail.