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Hearing Aid Accessory Instructions

When you purchase your hearing instrument(s) at Sound Hearing Clinic you may receive a package of accessories along with the instrument(s). This package will likely include the following;

  • DriAid kit
  • EarGene
  • Clean Aid
  • Batteries

To use these accessories properly you will find instructions below.

1. Dri-Aid Kit (DiaCare Jar)

The DiaCare Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Jar is a way to remove moisture from the circuitry of your hearing aid(s). You should place your hearing aid(s) into the DiaCare Jar at least once every two weeks overnight. Clean your hearing aid(s) prior to placing them in the jar. You may use it every night if you wish. Do not put batteries into the jar.

When the dessicant changes colour (from orange to green) it is time to reactivate the dessicant pellets by placing the plastic container into the microwave for 25 seconds. DO NOT microwave for longer than 25 seconds. You will likely need to do this every 4 to 6 months. Let cool and replace into bottom of the DiaCare jar.

2. Eargene

Eargene is a soothing alcohol based anti-bacterial liquid used (only if needed) to relieve itchy ears. Dip a cotton swab into the liquid and cleanse the canal portion of your hearing instrument with the Eargene.

Do not use if your ears are not itching.

3. Clean Aid

Clean Aid is a cleaner and deodorizer for hearing aids and earmolds. Spray some solution onto a Kleenex tissue or clean cloth and wipe hearing aid(s)/ molds.

4. Batteries

Your hearing aids come with a supply of batteries. Battery life will vary depending on size of battery and use of the hearing aids. Battery life will range from one to two weeks.

Batteries should be kept in a dry spot at room temperature. They should not be kept in the refrigerator.

When inserting a new battery into your hearing aids, remove the paper and let the battery sit at room temperature for 2 minutes before first use in the hearing aids.