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We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

C. Tompkins

Thank you for the two reports and the professional nature of your examination. It is a mystery to me how such tests can be run for the minimal cost of $80 given the time required, the sophisticated nature of the equipment, the sound room, the waiting room and secretary, and the report letter and chart. There are still bargains to be had in the medical world!


My past experience with audiologists (excluding Sound Hearing) was so disappointing and stressful. I am glad to say that I am now receiving excellent support from Sound Hearing. Sound Hearing is the only clinic that took the time to go through all the available hearing aid types and how each one of them would match my hearing loss in the best way. They were so incredibly patient and knowledgeable. They also didn't point me to the most expensive ones, but instead the ones that would give me the best value for money while meeting all my current and expected future hearing needs...I really appreciate the time and effort Mark and his staff (including his lovely receptionist staff) have taken to make sure that my hearing aids are working just right for me.

David D.

Thank you for your time and patience Friday while installing the latest firmware in my hearing aids to allow me to use the latest Resound control app. The app is a significant improvement over the basic app I was using previously. Having the ability to fine tune my aids has resulted in the best audio I have had in a long time. Thanks again.

Charles P. Lebo, M.D.

“As a retired otologist, a former employer of audiologists, and a hearing loss researcher, I am well qualified to evaluate audiologic facilities. I am pleased to provide unqualified approval of the care I have personally received at the Sound Hearing Clinic and to recommend this facility to patients seeking skilled, ethical and dedicated audiologic services.”

Robert Elm, B.Comm., M.B.A., CA, CPA(Illinois), P.F.P.

“I first visited Mark in the summer of 1996. I had noticed a gradual loss in hearing and it was a concern to me. Mark put me at ease and patiently explained the process in testing and fitting someone with a hearing device. The change in my hearing was amazing! I can now hear comfortably the high frequencies of classical music, the chirping of birds, the soft female voices, the wind chimes,…. all sounds that were outside of my world. In business and family meetings, I now hear every word and no longer feel isolated.

Mark continues to provide the same high level of professional care as the day we first met. He focuses on my hearing needs in each visit. Every aspect of the hearing aid functionality is explored. Mark listens intently to my feedback and tries to ensure the hearing aids are in peak performance. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that has concerns about their hearing loss or wishes to find a professional audiologist who will give them excellent service.”

Maureen MacDonald and my Mom, Margaret Dean

Ms. Jan, Thank you so very much for being so kind, helpful and positive. We are grateful for your prompt, professional, friendly and caring attitude. You made a very positive impression. As I know you can appreciate, when your hearing aid is not working you need help and your family wants to be sure you get it as quickly as possible.

You were entirely lovely in your approach – you were informed and gave us useful information on the care of the hearing aid; you fixed the tubing, and, advised on how to care for it especially in reference to moisture. All is well now and we are so pleased. You have left a wonderful impression on us and you are a credit to your organization. If my Mom lived in B.C., I would be pleased to have your organization fit her for a new hearing aid.

Customer service seems to be less of an priority for some organizations and this only makes the companies who care and have well trained, professional and compassionate employees (especially in your business) of greater value and worthy of strong references and referrals for everyone we meet.

Barrie Wood

Sensory systems are vital for health and enjoyment. If I were to rank order them I would chose vision and hearing as the two most important sensations eclipsing touch, taste and smell. Although I would not discount tactile and olfactory systems as important for social and robust living, their roles seem tertiary on balance. Despite vision and hearing being important and life saving, they are the least noticed on aging and their loss often is imperceptible; usually vision and hearing capacity become less efficient gradually, over time. Both quality and quantity suffer. As an example, vision may lose focus, where objects and people appearing less sharp and noticeable. Similarly, hearing becomes degraded and affected by not understanding what has been said, failure to hear clocks ticking, and telephone ringing and most embarrassing, an inability to hear what has been spoken. Cover ups such as ‘sorry’/excuse me become necessary. In my experience I avoided ‘conversations’ even though I am a social person.

My hearing loss was gradual, degrading and embarrassing. My work was becoming increasingly compromised because clear, focused communication was becoming increasingly difficult. Despite efforts to move closer, reduce any unwanted degraded signal, the process was wearing me down. This slowly deteriorating loss was also apparent when using a telephone where I could not often recognize words let alone the syntax of sentences. I had limited resources to improve the situation. For example I would try and listen for rising intonations as a signal for a question, change ears and put the receiver closer to my hear in an effort to understand what was being said. Most important was my reduced appreciation of music. I enjoy classical music immensely and found less enjoyment as the sound became blurred, with reduced appreciation because of loss in the upper frequency heard with violin and woodwind instruments. I had to leave work earlier than I wanted both for financial and social outlets and stopped working in late summer, 2010.

I was painfully aware that to response to even casual conversation I had to move closer to the speaker and at work with multiple sources (three or more people talking simultaneously) I would become confused with the speech especially trying to follow it. If I could I simply avoided meetings.

In the last year I have tried to attend courses and workshops and I recall vividly in summer of 2011 I had signed up and paid for a course sponsored by the YWCA (cost of course nearly $1000.) The course was a week long but I only stayed for the first class. I was less than honest with the instructor telling her that I didn’t feel well enough to continue. It was very embarrassed and disappointed that I could not complete the course.

In the last few years I have been working on European languages, both taking classes and home study. Again the same problem was evident in that I did not fully understand the instructor.

And when using headphones for courses in Spanish and German, it was difficult to discriminate vowels especially. Both languages use conjugated verbs and distinctions in vowel sounds are necessary for proper and intelligent speech conversation.

Finally there were changes in my appreciation of home activities such as viewing movies, listening to music and trying to understand people on the phone or in person. For television I had to use closed captions and if not available I had a lot of trouble following programs and conversations.

All of these problems and inconveniences changed when I attended the Sound Hearing clinic last September 2011. After a thorough assessment from their audiologist, Dr. Mark Hansen and in consultation with him I was steered in the right path to increase my hearing abilities. The difference was immediate, like seeing after cataract removal which I have had done. Everything sounded fresh and pristine, almost hard to believe. Initially it was almost bothersome to tolerate the hearing aid where along with good sounds (music, TV, phone) came abrupt almost screeching sounds such as paper crunching, clocks ticking, noticeable water drops. Even such subtlety as walking was loud and irritating. If I went grocery shopping, I was vexed by infants wailing. Going to McDonalds was a negative experience due to their machines whirring and high volume of customers taking orders.

However, through fine tuning with Dr. Hansen we were able to locate venues and matching them with dB and frequencies conducive to the environment. This has been the crux of the problem in the last year, finding environments where I can appreciate the sound. But at first the sensation was like going from analogue to digital signals. As an example, listening to vinyl then compact digital. Although the latter was impressive the sound was somewhat tinny and artificial. There have been changes in the following venue: everyday being about at home or going for a walk (universal mode), music, being in restaurants, libraries (that I frequent often because I like reading), talking with friends and attending courses. All have been renewed and refreshed through the use of hearing aid assistance. The only problem currently is with telephone talking where I still have trouble.

The most impressive change has been attending and enjoying courses and attending concerts or listening to music at home. I am currently in my seventh month with the hearing aid. Recently Mark introduced me to an online service in signal/noise exercises which can be scored and results compared. Also I have appreciated listening to language exercises on the computer using headphones. The sounds have been very clear and the quality, just excellent.

In closing, I must say that I have been very impressed with the approach and direction from the Sound Hearing Clinic. The office atmosphere is casual, relaxed and the clerical support friendly. Since September I lost one of the hearing aids which in part were caused by my wearing headphones and taking them off suddenly when I went walking one evening. I am now more careful as part of the hearing device is placed behind the open ear. And wearing any headgear needs to be checked for changes when used. This applies to headphones, hats, scarves etc. I believe I have a good handle on this now.

Thanks to the Sound Hearing Clinic for their excellent job. I have been very impressed. Although the cost of the aid was expensive it has resulted in an improved quality of life, one that can include people and things. My interactions and connectedness with the world have been wonderful. I feel I can know contribute things simply because I can hear better.

Thank you